-Sharpening your knife

All knives to work well need to be frequently sharpened..

Honing your knife often is a good thing. A hone is a maintenance tool, which purpose is to
align the blade’s edge.

Honing: Place the edge of the blade against the hone at approximately 15 degrees. Maintaining the angle, pull the blade down in an arcing motion from heel to tip applying moderate pressure. Repeat 5-6 times on each side of the blade.
When finished, test the knife sharpnes. If it doesn’t perform the way it should it is time to use water stones to establish a new edge.

Start with a lower grit stone (removes material establishing the primary edge). Then move to a higher grit stone to polish. Ex. ( start with 800# move to 1000# and finish with 4000#).


Sharpening:  Submerge the stone in water for 10 minutes. When it is properly soaked set the stone on a flat surface.
Use the same 15 degree angle as with the hone.

Hold the handle in your dominant hand and spread the other hand’s fingers across the blade for even pressure.
Keeping that angle and applying moderate pressure, move the blade straight back and forth or make an arcing motion across the stone (pull the knife towards you, heel to tip, making a swooping motion on the stone).

Flip the blade and repeat on the other side.

When you start feeling the wire edge form, it is time to move to a finer-grit stone to polish.

With a finer-grit stone, repeat as above, lightening pressure as you go.